Dragon Boat Festival

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Here is a chinese ancient traditional festival of Dragon Boat day is coming, we'll be in holiday during 16th to 18th. and be back office on 19th.June 2018.

How much do you know Dragon Boat Festival?

1. Hang Wormwood and Calamus
Dragon Boat Festival is the first festival after summer comes with rising temperature. It is the period when diseases are frequent, so many years ago people often hang a few plants of wormwood on their door and window because of its special smell to ward off diseases, mosquitoes, and evil spirits.
Dragon Boat Festival

2.Eat Zongzi
It is one of Chines traditional customs to eat Zongzi. In early May each year, Chinese will soak sticky rice, wash reed leaves and pack Zongzi with different designs and color. In terms of fillings, in the north Beijing jujujube Zongzi is popular; in the south, there is a variety of fillings such as bean, fresh pork, ham, egg yolk, etc., which is represented by Jiaxin Zongzi in Zhejiang Province. The custiom of eating Zongzi has been popular in China for thousands of years, and has been spread to north Korea, Japan, and southest Asia.
Dragon Boat Festival

3. Rowing Dragon Boat
Rowing dragon boat is the biggest gathering in Quyuan's hometown. With the sound of "my brother's return", people from towns all around gathered on both sides of the Xiling gorge to commemorate Quyuan with the oldest and most solemn way as rowing dragon boat.
Dragon Boat Festival
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